Thursday, July 27, 2017

Private Snafu

From Movie Lot to Beachhead.  The Motion Picture Goes to War and Prepares for the Future.
By the Editors of Look.  Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc., 1945.

Private Snafu has a fascinating history, involving the talents of such giants as Frank Capra and Theodor Geisel (a.k.a. "Dr. Seuss") and voiced by Mel Blanc.  You can find many of the films on youtube.

Vanished tool makers: Anchor-brand wrenches

I picked up these two old wrenches recently.  They're marked in both SAE and metric sizes.  Only the top wrench carries the anchor logo.  Does anyone know who made these?  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Spanish water sellers, 1901

From Happy Hours in Story Land.  New York:  McLoughlin Bros., 1901.

Solent-class flying boat in cross-section

From J.E. Pryde-Hughes (Editor).  The Children's Book of Achievement.  Wonders of Modern Enterprise.  
London & Glasgow:  Collins Clear-Type Press, 1953.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Warner Aircraft engines, 1942

I'd never heard of this engine company, begun in 1928. They focused on lower hp radial engines for light planes and trainers. To my surprise I find they're still in business- at least in some form- with a nice website and now located in Colorado. Not building engines, they sell some engine parts, memorabilia and some nice posters.

G.C. Electronics Angle Reamer and Fork Tipped Tool

This little 8" tool has has a sharp, curved point at one end, and a fork at the other.  So, logically but unimaginatively enough, it's called an "Angle reamer and forked tip tool" and was designed to aid in probing and soldering printed circuits.  It was made with special stainless steel hardened probes that solder will not stick to.

It was made by GC Electronics, which started out life in 1930 as the General Cement Manufacturing Company of Rockford, Illinois. I've discussed the company before in a previous post on the Speedex Trig-O-Matic wire stripper. Their website proclaims:

For over 75 years, GC Electronics has grown and changed with the times, Migrating its way from Tubes to Transistors to Integrated Circuits to the Microprocessor era. From Early Telephone and Radio to the Internet, GC Electronics has been serving the needs of the Electrical and Electronic Distributors for almost 4 generations.

Ireland's principal industries, 1942

The New Educator Encyclopedia.  Toronto:  General Press Service, 1942.

Faith and begorrah!  Times have changed!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pinball Tilt mechanisms

In case you were wondering...

Vanished Tool Makers: Elyria Metal Products Company

Above, a stamped steel wrench from this company.  Apparently, they were one of the suppliers of tool kits for Jeeps.  They were undoubtedly stamped out by the thousands.

The company may only have existed during World War II to serve this purpose.  I assume it was located in Elyria, Ohio, near Cleveland.  Aside from being the present headquarters of the Ridge Tool Company, the city doesn't seem to have distinguished itself.

Vanished Tool Makers: ARCO (Arrow Metal Products Company), New York City

An electric drill-mounted jig saw from ARCO.  Originally out of New York City, by the 1970's the company had relocated to Englewood, New Jersey.  The tool is actually quite well made. Although I have no intention of using the tool, I removed the front plate to lubricate it and was impressed by the precision of the parts within.  I also love the way they produced the serrated letters in the word "Jig" on the name plate.